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Spaceflight Sciences Policy and Operations Club

Meet Your Exec Board
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Shelby Delano


Hello! I'm currently a Senior in Spaceflight Operations. I love everything space related. One day I hope to send people to space (or be one of the people going to space).

As your current President, I help oversee all of the activities we do as a club. I am also the main point of contact so feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Christine Portanova

Vice President

Hello! I am currently serving as your Vice President of SSPOC.

I assist the President with various event planning activities & other important paperwork. I am pursuing my B.S. in Spaceflight Operations. I will be graduating in December 2022.


Go Eagles!

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  Jacob   Islas


Hello! I am a third year student studying Business Administration, with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Space Studies. I am International Air Transport Association certified, and pursuing a career in aerospace defense or the space industry. 

 My responsibilities include meeting attendance, Space News, and the Campus Groups emails.

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      Aaron        Elder


Homeland Security major who enjoys space, cars, photography and Minecraft. 


As Treasurer, I handle dues, buying merch, the budget, and anything in between.


 Aliana   Kovach

Public Relations

Hi everyone! I am a Spaceflight Operations major here at ERAU. I hope to be mission control for NASA.

As PR, I handle all the social medias and the wretched Campus Groups that everyone loves.

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SSPOC is a multidisciplinary club focusing on the technical and policy aspects of space. From aerospace conferences on Earth to our projects in space, we offer members a chance to develop their technical and professional skills through hands on experience and networking opportunities.

Active members have the opportunity to accompany us on a multitude of aerospace conferences that we attend throughout the year as well as become part our many ongoing projects.



Stratospheric Science to measure Acceleration and Radiation - High Altitude Balloon

SSTAR-HAB will be a payload that will travel to the upper Stratosphere (Around 80,000-100,000ft) to measure atmospheric forces and solar radiation levels. SSTAR-HAB will be controlled by a Raspberry Pi and will include a camera and various sensors to collect data from the Stratosphere. Due to the current state of the pandemic, our team is currently developing the code using Python that will run the sensors on the Raspberry Pi.

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Autonomous Satellite Launch Assembly

SATLASS is designing a single expandable space station module that can autonomously assemble and launch CubeSats. SATLASS' goal is to write a comprehensive design paper based on previously established plans as well as refocus the project towards designing and building a real-life CubeSat deployer.

Project Aether

The Prevention and Removal of Orbital Debris

Project Aether aims to address the orbital debris problem through a multifaceted approach. Project Aether's goal is to look at both the technical and nontechnical side of the issue of orbital space debris. Project Aether plans to be published some time this year.

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